Music 448

Introduction to COMPUTER MUSIC

(Spring 2016)

An introduction to the multiple ways computers, are used in music with emphasis on sound synthesis and composition. Learning how to use the equipment and the software available in the Computer Music Project. of the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios . Among the topics to be discussed are:

The goals of the course are to provide students with some understanding of the "behind-the scenes" mechanisms of sound synthesis and computer-assisted composition programs and to allow them to experiment with two pieces of powerful software developed at the Computer Music Project and Argonne National Laboratory. Small creative projects using SoundMaker and DISSCO will be assigned in preparation of the FINAL PROJECT, and original composition of 5 minutes or longer.

Basic texts.

	Dodge and Jerse 	Computer Music
	Gareth Loy		Musimathics
	Pierce and Mathews	The Science of Musical Sound
	C. Roads, ed.		The Music Machine
	...			DISSCO Tutorial
	Dietel & Dietel		C++ How to Program
	Reichard and Johnson	Teach Yourself UNIX


	Three creative assignments @15%	45%
	Three quizzes @ 5%		15%
	Final project			40%

Attendance Students who miss more than two sessions without excuse or do not come to class on time will be asked to drop the class.

No late assignments will be considered.

Final exam: Friday, May 6, 12:00-2:00 pm



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